Class E (Lorry)


IMW Driving Institute Class E (Lorry)

We have a lorry for the basic driving instruction training for Class E, BTM motorcar not excedding 5000kg and 7500kg.

At this point, the services are only for candidates who want to take E classes license. As for other licenses, still in the process of preparation.

拥有 1 Class E 的卡车。注重于 Class E 的基本驾驶指导培训,不超过 5000 kg 7500 kg BTM 车辆。
此服务是提供给 Class E 的考生。至于其他牌照,仍然在筹备过程中


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Notes :

~ Effective 15th October 2016

~ Seminar - Every Saturday & Sunday 9:30am - 2:45pm

~ Computer Test - Monday until Saturday 8:30am - 4:00pm

~ Practical Learning - Anytime between Student and Tutor

~ JPJ Test - Free first hour

~ Student transfer from other driving institute - no charges (excluded learning charges)

~ After 10 hours practical learning, student can attend for QTI

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~ Terms and Conditions apply