IMM Driving Institute Class D Automatic Motorcar

A total of 5 automatic motorcars for class D automatic. Focus on the basic driving instruction training for Class D, BTM motorcar not more than 3000kg.

At this point, the services are only for candidates who want to take B2 and D classes license. As for other licenses, still in the process of preparation.

拥有 10 Class D 的自动盘车辆。注重于Class D 自动盘的基本驾驶指导培训,不超过3000 kg BTM 车辆。

此服务是提供给 Class D 的考生。至于其他牌照,仍然在筹备过程中

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Notes :

~ Effective 1st April 2017

~ Seminar - Every Saturday & Sunday 9:30am - 2:45pm

~ Computer Test - Monday until Saturday 8:30am - 4:00pm

~ Practical Learning - Anytime between Student and Tutor

~ Student transfer from other driving institute - No charges (excluded learning charges)

~ After 10 hours practical learning, student can attend for QTI

~ Click for our Refund policy

~ Terms and Conditions apply


We provide free transport within Lahad Datu area.